The Mobile Unit can handle any type of live event in HD and 4K


available MU formats: 1080/50i, 1080/GOi, 720/50p, 720/60p, 625i and 525i. 1 KAYAK HD 200C video mixer:
N 48 inputs and 19 AUX outputs + 5 presets (2 PGM+iPW+iClean+iPWMEI+iPGMMEi)
N 2 M/E
N 2 flexible chromakeyers
N 1 iDPM in PGM
N 6 MatchDef (UP/DOWN/CROSS converter synchroniser)
N 6 RAM Recorder. Capacities: 8 GB of RAM

N8 Thomson LDK 8000 camera sets, 6 Canon HD HJ17ex7.6B lenses

N 2 Canon HD HJ22ex7.6B lenses

N 2 Trilogy Mentor XL+ Change Over as synchro generators and TC (Trilevel, BB, Word Clock and UTC).

N 2 Kaleido Alto HD (monitoring of up to 20 simultaneous signals) 2 LCD Full HD Nec Multeos.

N 1 Sierra Lassen 32×32 video matrix (HD/SD-SDI).

N 4 single bus preselectors for VTRs or EVS and XV panel for technical control.

N 1 single bus preselector for various functions (lighting, director, etc.)

N 1 DSP hub (allowing exchange of Tallys and texts of the Kaleidos, external Tallys)

N 2 AJA FSI synchronisers (Up, Down and Cross converter, capable of disembedding and embedding audio)

N 1 Miranda Densité distribution and conversion frame

N 1 G3 Inscriber (graphics and titling in HD or SD). 3 Albiral 056RK03VFA16/SDI triple monitors

N3 HD CAM HDW-M2000P/20 telerecording devices (HD recording and multiformat playback)

N 1 EVS XT3 + 2 remotes + X File+ IP Director

We can record up to 40 hours in HD, up to 6 sources in SD or HD, accepting the following formats: Video compression (HD) M-JPEG – Bitrate selectable by the user at 20-250 Mbps.
Avid DNxHD® (120/145 Mbps)
Avid DNxHD® High Level (185/220 Mbps)
VC-3 (SMPTE 2019-1; compatible with Avid) 100 Mbps Apple ProRes® 4:2:2 (120/145 Mbps)
Apple ProRes® 4:2:2 HQ (185/220 Mbps)
MPEG-2 i-field – Bitrate selectable by the user at 20-250 Mbps
Video compression (SD) M-JPEG – Bitrate selectable by the user at 8-100 Mbps. IMX D-10 (SMPTE 356M) 30/40/50 Mbps

Technical monitoring:

N1 Videotek TVM-950

N 3 1 Monitor 23″ LCD Gradol Sony BVM-L230

N 1 Kaleido Alto HD for multiscreen in technical control


N 1 Mixer de sonido Yamaha LS9/32.

N 32 analogue inputs and 16 AES/EBU. 16 analogue outputs and/or AES/EBU

N Sound monitoring: 2 Genelec 8030-AP + 1 7050-BP subwoofer

N Production monitoring: 1 Genelec 8020-AP

N 4 V Series panels, 10 ports with 4 wires enabled, 2 lines for exterior belt packs and 2 x 4-wire lines with cameras

N 4-wire Kroma Telecom hubs for communication with cameras. 1 Tascam MD-CD1 CD and MD player

N 1 AXON frame with Dolby E encoder and decoder, embedder and disembedder with video and audio delay adjustment

N 1 Marshall AR-DM-L for monitoring embedded audio in AES/EBU and Dolby E. 1 RDSI AEQ Eagle coder

N 1 TC Electronic 96K Finalizer

N 1 Harting with 32 channels (24 send, 4 mix omni, Pgm L/R and 2 belt pack lines). Up to 480 metres


Minimum consumption: 32A per phase without external sockets.

N 2 Cetac 63A three-phase sockets (1 main and 1 backup).

N 2 x 6kVA UPS to maintain video and audio equipment (approx. 30 min power supply)

N Backup power supply system with alternator connected to an auxiliary socket of the motor vehicle, providing independent power supply in the event of an electrical outage longer than the UPS duration, with manual actuation.



Rod Stewart Concert
Malú Concert
Marea Concert
Coca Cola Live Experience Concerts
Luis Cobos Concert
BBVA Foundation Concerts
Classical Music concerts at the Teatro Real
Opera Concerts at the Guggenheim


UEFA Champions League
BBVA League
Asobal League
London 2012 Olympics


El Club de la Comedia
Recording of Series


BBVA Foundation
Madrid Fusión
Company AGMs

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